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In the rearview mirror of our archives, we relive the landmark moment when Saison had the honor of welcoming, for the very first time, eminent restaurateur @paperboyparis. Famous for his succulent club sandwiches and prestigious collaborations with high-profile brands such as @newbalance, @clarksoriginals and @beams_official, this event marked a significant chapter.


Activities on this memorable day kicked off at 10am, with the launch of the collaboration between @satisfyrunning and @crocs. A refreshing selection of homemade juices was generously offered until 3pm.


The evening was marked by the long-awaited PASTRAMI PARTY, starting at 6 pm. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy, free of charge, the famous club sandwich for which PaperBoyParis is renowned. To cater for all preferences, a vegan alternative was also offered, ensuring that everyone could enjoy their meal to the full.


Although the event is now a treasured memory, it remains a testament to an exquisite moment when culinary artistry, creativity and collaboration combined to deliver an unforgettable gustatory and social experience.

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