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・Water-repellent wind shell jacket that can cope with sudden weather changes.
・Made from lightweight and durable 20d ripstop fabric. The coating on the inner side provides water repellency, making it suitable for light rain.
・To improve comfort, we have added slits under the sleeves to enhance breathability. 
・The zipper pockets on both sides are lined with mesh, which provides ventilation when opened. The mesh material is a silver thread blend with antibacterial and deodorant properties.
・A clean and minimalist look with the hidden drawcord within the hood, also prevents unwanted snagging or tangling.
・Lined with original Quicklon cuffs with slit-hook-and-loop fastener, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit around the wrists. 
・Pocketable design, allowing you to fold and store the garment compactly inside the hood lining.


200,00 € Prix original
100,00 €Prix promotionnel
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